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While penetration depths under different rigidly controlled testing conditions can be useful when comparing performance to certain criteria, bear in m ind that the "real world" can introduce circumstances which can have an effect on such things.

For example, I can think of a denim/gel test where old style JHP's exhibited deep penetration and only "average" expansion ... but then in an actual shooting one such 180gr round hit an arm and was deflected by bone up along the arm, coming to rest in the shoulder capsule. It didn't penetrate the arm and enter the thoracic cavity.

When bullets hit intervening barriers (including limbs), or have to traverse the intended target when impacting from an oblique angle, encountering bony structures and different layers of tissues, organs, muscles and structures ... unexpected things can happen.

I used to worry about subtle nuances such as bullet weight.

Nowadays I either use whatever is available, or has been issued ... (and would always prefer one of the more modern hollowpoint designs, when possible) ... but I've become increasingly more concerned about my ability to accurately & effectively use whichever caliber, bullet design & weight is loaded in my guns.

Misses and peripheral hits (perforations in non-critical body ares) concern me.

Mindset concerns me.

Skillset concerns me.

Weapon maintenance concerns me.

Suitable carry methods concern me.

Remaining current on the relevant laws concerns me.

Being able to employ optimal tactics concerns me.

Being aware concerns me.

Remaining is sufficiently good enough health to function as needed concerns me.

My thoughts ... (no "expert" answers, not even for myself ).
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