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Originally Posted by 9mm +p+ View Post
BPLE will serve you just fine, everyone is penetration crazy anymore. It's been working for decades VERY well I might add, people haven't changed only our perception of what's needed to work on stopping them. Some loads are timeless, 357/125 from Fed/Rem, 9mm 115+p+ from Win or Fed or hell even the Win 38 +p 158 LSWCHP has proven itself to be a fightstopper. Worry less about the load and practice alot with what you carry, then shoot your threat to the ground, one shot stops are for hollywood.

Only good hits count. I like the middleweights in 9mm simply because I feel it's most efficient in 124gr weights, but the nine has proven to work with heavy and light too. A decent load in 115,124 or 147 will get the job done if you put it in the right place.
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