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Originally Posted by dlupchurch21 View Post
Recently took the Remington 870 out clay shooting. After about 5 shots the gun began to jam with the shell hull lodged inside the barrel. I have researched online and found that others had similar problems especially while using the winchester universal loads from walmart. I cleaned the barrel and used a bore brush on a drill to polish the portion of the barrel where the shell goes into the barrel. Do you know of any other tips or quick fixes that will help this issue other than changing brands of ammo?
I've watched a bunch of you tube videos and see this problem talked about in lots of forums. It's a common problem and can happen on guns that have been in service for years. It is not ammunition related. It's mechanical.

You need a "heading cut." There's a Remington field service notice about this problem. What's happening is the face of your breech bolt is locking against the breech of your barrel. If you take your barrel off and look at it you'll see where the bluing is gone.

It's dove and quail season here and I've had Remingtons with this problem maybe 50 times in the past two weeks. The repair is simple BUT it's easy to go crazy and remove too much metal. I would be happy to take a few pictures and show you exactly how to repair your gun.

The reason your gun shoots some shells but not others is simply a matter of rim thickness Try this with your gun:
Make damn sure its completely unloaded.
Set the shotgun on a stool or chair and work the action.
Keep rearward pressure in the fore end and dry fire the gun.
The action will not open.

Once you let the pressure off the fore end the action bar will release. This is what's making your gun hard to cycle. It's simple tolerence stacking. I'll post a few pictures and instructions when I get to the shop and walk you through the repair if you'd like.

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