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Originally Posted by HWI View Post
That reasoning would work if there weren't muzzle devices that cost less that are known to work well. For instance, I know the PWS FSC and Manitcore Arms NightBrake work and they cost a lot less.
Have you shot either? Hows the blast? I run the PWS you mentioned and it has quite a bit more blast and felt concussion than the BC. I'm not pushing the BC for any other reason than they are highly proven and highly functional.

Not saying the others aren't. But I've found the BC to be the best in all areas.

Originally Posted by Hedo1 View Post
Anybody seen or used this one by Mid West Industries? I find most of thier stuff to be solid and well built.
That looks to be a flash suppressor/hider. It probably doesn't have much in the line of compensation value.

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