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Meprolight AK Night Sights.

Just picked these up yesterday. Install was pretty easy. Only tough part is rigging a way to get the rear sight off. Seems everyone has their own method for this. Vice grips, screw driver head and a rag worked for me. Seems like a great upgrade to the original sights that doesn't look overtly aftermarket(unless you're looking down the sights.)
Blurry front sight:
The Kalashnikov Klub
Blurry rear sight:
The Kalashnikov Klub
Rear sight overview:
The Kalashnikov Klub

My only concern is about the tightness of the front sight. It seems to have barely enough friction to stay in place, and i'm almost certain it will move around while i'm shooting. After I moved the windage post over to the left, this clamped the front sight post in place and it feels much more secure now. I'll have to update on whether this works. Considering using red locktite if it doesn't work. Anyone else had this problem?

Overall happy with the purchase.... for now.
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