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Originally Posted by Bruce Foreman View Post
I've had 5 Norinco's. For some stupid reason I would feel like I had to sell them off, last one I sold I saw a former Marine friend use to put 5 rounds through one hole at 30 feet in failing daylight.

They come with tiny sights. Of the two I have left, I had a gunsmith put bigger "old man" sights on for me. I had to bring it back to him a couple of times to have him mill the rear sight down before it began shooting to point of aim.

Other than that, the only thing I changed on it was the grips, found a pair of nice double diamond wood grips that I liked. I added some non slip tape (normally used on concrete steps to prevent slipping) with the texture crushed down to the front part of the grip strap. Kind of poor man's checkering.

The other Norinco I have I bought recently for it's "bling". Nickle plated, more of a "show off" piece at the range. Every Norinco I've have shot to point of aim and was a solid performing gun. They generally have stronger steel than Colts.

I wouldn't change much of anything unless you find a faulty component. Mine even handle hollow point without a problem.
Sounds good. And the idea of owning a .45 is appealing. Of course it's overkill on paper targets, but I like it. Just like my .30-06: insanely overpowered, but tons of fun.
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