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Originally Posted by douggmc View Post
Let me introduce you to some basic arithmetic ... sourced from 2010 Federal Budget:

1) Mandatory spending (comprised of Entitlements like Medicare, Medicaid, SS, and interest on debt) + DoD budget = 2.837 trillion

2) EVERYTHING else in the Fed. budget expenditures = 714 billion.

3) Federal revenue = 2.165 trillion

Do I really even need to go further? You see the problem with folks like you preaching about cutting 200 million from PBS or closing Dept. of Ed. ... or pick ANY and ALL federal departments ... and how ridiculous it is ultimately?

Federal revenue before the recession was over $2.5 trillion/year, so that's an extra $400 billion/year that can be added back in. Means-tested welfare spending is over $500 billion/year and the one-third in cuts made in the 90's that were undone in with the stimulus can be restored. Revenues from opening up domestic drilling could add $100 billion/year in revenues. That's $6-700 billion/year right there.
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