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Originally Posted by G19G20 View Post
It loses all relevance and impact when both sides are using the same fear based rhetoric, with the only difference being the names. It's a great way to wrangle the crowds into voting for more-of-the-same though.
Do you really think that, with the Libertarians low numbers, if Romney can't beat Obama, a third party could have?

I mean you seriously think that?

The only thing Libertarians can do, at best, is take the blame for a disasterous next four years. What they will do is hang the albatross of "loser party" around the neck of every libertarian candidate running for any other office in the Country.

Really folks, spend the wasted time trying to get libertarians elected to local office and help them be successful. Pick GOOD cnadidates and get more on Capitol Hill. No matter what YOU think a large number of of the folks still look at Romney as "conservative". If he wins he would certainly be better than 4 more of Obama. Take some of the credit for it. Losing the election outright is going to get you NO credit with the voters, all you can do, as I said, is be in position to catch the blame and damage the party's reputation. Take the small victories and create a winning record.
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