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Originally Posted by Gundude View Post

Ohhh, I see what you did there. A person's vote in itself is obnoxious if it's not the same as yours. You got me

You still think any non-Romney vote by a libertarian is some kind of tantrum or revenge for RP losing, don't you?

You really can't fathom that:
  1. A vote for Obama by a libertarian can be a pragmatic "lesser of two evils" vote
  2. A third party vote by a libertarian can actually be a reflection of a preference for that third party, and not a revenge vote from an event long past
can you?
I have no problem fathoming your being wrong. No problem at all. It is nice to know however that your support for a third party, which is parasiting the Republicans, comes from the position of an Obama voter who wants Obama reelected. Confirms what I thought. No he certainly isn't the "lesser of two evils" but that shows more liberal than conservative in the "Libertarian" view.

I can understand that people want to reflect their preference, to make themselves feel better without accomplishing anything. Happens all the time.
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