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It's fairly simple & easy, or can be, but as always and particularly with IT, it really depends on precisely what he wants to accomplish.

Does he want the forms/photos to be integrated? How much info is he looking to capture?

Need more info on exactly what he's trying to achieve.

Until you post that, here are a few ideas:

- He can take pictures with the iPad (and I'm assuming Android devices too) and email or text them anywhere. (iCloud is an option with Photostream to automatically sync them to a PC, but for now it only works over wifi)

- He could upload the photos via Photobucket, create albums and caption photos right from his iPad. Those would obviously be accessible to anyone he chooses.

- As for a form, there are many options. I'd lean towards creating a web-based form (I've used FormStack) and when you hit the "submit" button, you can program it to email it to anyone you designate, in his case, the home office.

- He could create a fillable/editable PDF and use a $5 app to fill the info into the PDF and email it to whomever he likes.

ETA: I would opt for a web form over PDF because you can make a change to the web form in one place & it's instantly available to anyone who uses it; with a PDF, you'd have to edit the PDF and get it back onto the device, for each person who uses it. I guess with one person it's not too tough, but for more than one person, I'd definitely go web form.

Just a few ideas, need more info from you.
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