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200 Grain WFNGC Double Tap bullets

Hello everyone i wanted to share my experience with DOuble Tap 200 Grain WFGC lead bullets in my LW6" Compensated Glock.

I extrapolated some data and came up with a load of 7.8 Grains of Longshot over a Federal Match Large Pistol Magnum primer. Top that off with Double Tap 200 grain hard cast WFNGC bullet. New Starline brass.

My goal was to develop a good medium velocity accurate load for my Glock for the taking of deer at distances of 75 yards and under but most likely 50 yards and under.

I am not going to guess the velocity but will get a Chrono to measure next week and report velocity at that time.

The recoil was low the accuracy was outstanding and not one FTF out of 50 rounds. No leading but to be expected with gas checked bullets.

So any thoughts?
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