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Originally Posted by J_P View Post
40 pages of useless information..... No mean to offend anyone but I have had 3 glocks in the past three years. Im just going off my personal experience.

1st- Glock 17 Gen 3----------- Flawless
2nd- Glock 19 Gen 4 RAG*** early 2011 production. Still has the 336 ejector ---Flawless

3rd- Glock 17 Gen 4----------- PPR*** does not have the slide milled out where the recoil spring sits. still has 336 ejector------------Flawless

Fanboy or not my glocks work and I dont even have to do all this hoopla to get them to "eject correctly". Im I the only one??????
It's posts like this that don't make sense to me. So your sample (3) of glocks works fine, brother I couldn't be happier for you, but does that mean that it's not possible for others to have issues?

I'm a huge fan of Glocks, and even discounted some of the early claims, fast forward to 2-3 months ago when I bought my first Gen 4. Hasn't stopped to function, but after 2K plus rounds through it, the erratic ejection begins, and it sucks getting pelted in the face all the time, and having brass roll over the ejection port and land on your arm during a class, IDPA, training event, etc. I called Glock and their answer was we can send you the updated 0-4-3 RSA and the updated 30274 ejector, but wait, my Gen 4 G19 already has both of those parts, oh well send us the gun. I don't want to be without my gun for god knows how long, and I have changed a lot of stuff on my gun to include grip work, and would hate to lose it all if they decide I need a replacement pistol, over a part or two that are causing all this mess.

Just because YOUR guns work, doesn't mean everyone else's do too, or that people are making things up, etc.

Your gun works, great! Mine doesn't and many others are having similar issues as I, does that mean we are liars, limp wristing, work for another company, etc?

This is the first Glock I have owned that has given me issues, and it's been very frustrating having a pistol tank on you after a couple thousand rounds plus through it.

Doesn't mean I'm out to belittle the company, their product, etc, but they need to get it together and figure out what the issues are, and fix them.

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