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Originally Posted by J_P View Post
40 pages of useless information..... No mean to offend anyone but I have had 3 glocks in the past three years. Im just going off my personal experience.

1st- Glock 17 Gen 3----------- Flawless
2nd- Glock 19 Gen 4 RAG*** early 2011 production. Still has the 336 ejector ---Flawless

3rd- Glock 17 Gen 4----------- PPR*** does not have the slide milled out where the recoil spring sits. still has 336 ejector------------Flawless

Fanboy or not my glocks work and I dont even have to do all this hoopla to get them to "eject correctly". Im I the only one??????
With powers of reasoning sch as yours, I am surprised that you can write in sentences. Having your Glocks work is nothing to do with whether or not you are a fanboy and everything to do with the design and manufacture of the pistol and, in a few cases with the ammunition. You have been lucky and so have I, but clearly many people have ongoing problems with some of their Glocks which they don't have and have never had with others.

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