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Originally Posted by English View Post
With powers of reasoning sch as yours, I am surprised that you can write in sentences. Having your Glocks work is nothing to do with whether or not you are a fanboy and everything to do with the design and manufacture of the pistol and, in a few cases with the ammunition. You have been lucky and so have I, but clearly many people have ongoing problems with some of their Glocks which they don't have and have never had with others.

What you call luck, I call just shooting my pistol normally. You say many people having problems?? Are you talking about the small percent of cry babies on this forum?? I know for a fact their are more people with working glocks then people with "problematic" glocks. Just because we don't come on here and start threads about how good are guns work. I'm done talking with you mindless people, take a defensive pistol course then come back on here and tell me how lucky we are to have working guns...

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