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Originally Posted by J_P View Post
What you call luck, I call just shooting my pistol normally. You say many people having problems?? Are you talking about the small percent of cry babies on this forum?? I know for a fact their are more people with working glocks then people with "problematic" glocks. Just because we don't come on here and start threads about how good are guns work. I'm done talking with you mindless people, take a defensive pistol course then come back on here and tell me how lucky we are to have working guns...

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When real men like you get a pistol that doesn't work even after you have been on another defensive pistol course that teaches you how to hold a pistol and pull its trigger with live ammo, what do you do next? Do you just throw it away and buy another? And then maybe another? Do you sell it to someont without explaining that it doesn't work properly? Do you send it backwards and forward to Glock while they seem to have no clue about how to fix it after producing recoil spring upgrades and ejector upgrades that don't solve the problem?

What percentage of guns that don't work properly do you think is acceptable? The people you cal cry babies are trying in the most constructive way they can to fix the problem which Glock should have fixed long ago. They might not be very good at it but they are a lot clever than you are who, on a sample of 3 Glocks that work can deduce that all Glocks work.

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