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to get back to the main theme here:
a buddy bought 2 used Gen3. glocks. one G17 and one G19.
G17 made in 2007, the G19 in 2000.
the G19 works flawless with factory "336" ejector and factory non-LCI SLB/extractor
the G17 had factory "336" ejector and LCI-SLB/extractor and spit brass everywhere including face, left arm etc.

i installed a "30274" ejector in the Gen. 3 trigger housing of the G17 and a non-LCI-SLB/extractor and now the G17 works like the G19, absolutely perfect ejection, 5-7 feet to the right at 3-4 o'clock, last round 3-4 feet to the right at 5 o'glock.

i suppose each cure is individually for each glock with erratic ejection probs, but non-LCI-SLB/extractor combo always helped a lot to improve ejection pattern on my own glocks and the glocks of some friends of mine.

the "30274" ejector sometimes helps a lot, sometimes just does nothing to improve it and sometimes even makes things worse, here you have to try to figure out what is right or wrong for your indivual glock.
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