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Originally Posted by RichardB View Post
At the range everyone is wearing ears, right? So I gather if you shoot this load at home or in your car in a self defense situation you will need to be fitted with hearing aids shortly thereafter, (when ever the ringing stops).

My bedside SP-100 357 used to be loaded with 38+P (with ears quickly accessible). Now a G-19 seems good enough and I am more likely not to flinch in a clutch situation.
I have found a .357mag is just as loud if not louder than the sig and yes I have shot them side by side outside with no ears on. People are always bringing up the "the .357sig is loud" but usually those people still have shotguns, ARs and .357mags around for HD. Either of those 3 sure ain't any quieter.

As for the .357mag vs .357sig that too has been beaten to death. I like both but for carrying for SD I will take the smaller, lighter, thinner, over double capacity and can meet 125gr mag velocity G32 over a Revolver any day of the week. Especially considering the majority of the 125gr .357mag loads on the market will not come close to 1450fps out of a 3" or 4" barrel let alone a snubbie.
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