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Originally Posted by Fire_Medic View Post
And the opposite is true, just because your guns work doesn't mean someone else's pistol does not.

As for your comment about courses, what does taking a class have to do with anything? Taking a class with a malfunctioning gun is only going to show you how bad the pistol runs.

What class would you like me to take that meets "your" standards of whatever is going on in your mind in J_P land?

I have had 2 pistol classes in the last (2) months, another set for December, and I shoot locally every Thursday, (2) Tuesdays month, and on Saturdays when time allows. You think you're the only one around here that shoots.

Does how much I shoot make me better than anyone? No it doesn't, and it definitley does not make me an internet expert on evaluating glock pistols with those who have issues with them. You're doing nothing here but being extremely rude to us "cry babies" and you're talking out of your rear end a lot so the flatulence is stinking up the thread.

If it bothers you so much, hey man, Stay out of the thread!!! Leave us make believe cry babies to ourselves. What difference does it make to you whether my gun has issues or not. You're way off your rocker, Mr. I own 3 guns and took a class so now I know everything.
Wow, just wow I don't know where in my past post I stated anything about "knowing everyone". Like I said before I'm no firearms expert, but I do have common sense like if I have a product that I purchased from a company that is not functioning properly. I will contact the company and demand the product be fixed or replaced. I seriously doubt a lot of the guys on here have even tried the above. That's it I'm done with this thread, keep wasting your time on these "backyard fixes" instead of really trying to solve the problem and contacting the manufacturer. PM me if you have anything else to say.

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