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Originally Posted by SKSman57 View Post
Good point. Although, I think deep down inside most of the OC activists (and i'm talking about the orange-tip AK47 carrying, youtube-posting hacks) really do believe something more about their OC habits.

Case in point, the commentary that goes along with one of the random Youtube activism videos. (This one targeting Walmart).

Walmart Cashier Freaks Out About Open Carry In Virginia - YouTube

The exact quote:

"A couple of times Ive even seen other customers performing open carry, making the statement "I will not be a victim, give me peace and yield to me without violence", as is the typical statement we that open carry wish to convey."

I think the three words emphasized above is what most OC activists seem want to convey.
If they are trying normalize open carry why do they carry a recordr to go shopping and does he have permission to record her. Is it possible he's violating the wiretap laws?
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