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Originally Posted by Toyman View Post
Web pages themselves can specify that a link should open in a new window, which is probably what is going on.

There are options in IE under "Tabs" "Settings" button (in IE 8, not sure about 9). You could set the pop-up setting to "Always open pop-ups in a new tab".

That would at least keep the new page in the same browser window.

A second method: To open that page or site in the foreground (with Internet Explorer switching to the new tab you opened, without closing the previous tab), hold down simultaneously the Ctrl key and Shift key, and then click on the link.
I think this solved my problem.

I was having a mental block - only adjusting the items under the heading "open links from other programs"-- thinking pop ups were just those ads that pop up - I was not thinking that sometimes the item you click on is itself a pop up.

It is possible there is something else going wrong with my PC - when I tried to reboot and open IE a few days ago - it went NUTS and opened 75 individual IE windows. It was freaking strange to see that many IE windows open up like a machine gun.

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