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Originally Posted by Fire_Medic View Post
I don't have anything to say to you via PM, you came in here calling out everyone who had posted in the previous how many pages? And now when someone calls you out on your BS you want to back track. Like I said before I'm glad your pistols haven't given you issue, but that doesn't mean you're an expert at Glock malfunction diagnosis, nor does it mean that no one else's pistol could have issues. Since your pistols run so perfectly, why did you even post in a thread where folks are sharing information about what's going on with a company that still won't admit to there being any issues in the first place? Did your feelings get hurt because you love your Glocks and someone else might have said something to the contrary?

FYI- I did call Glock, and I previously wrote what there response was, had you read everything you would know that, they want to send me a 30274 ejector and a 0-4-3 RSA, both of which are already in my gun. You have anything else "expert" to add here genius. It's people like you with your almighty all knowing attitude that have turned this forum into an argument forum instead of an information sharing forum.

Again, since your pistol runs perfect, why are you in this thread to begin with? You have not shared one bit of information in here that would help anyone who is having issues with their firearm. Go jump in one of the other threads of those praising their "perfection", I have owned Glock pistols for many years, with many trouble free rounds, but this one is not reliable. If that somehow upsets you, then I don't know what to tell you. I'm not upset that your gun works, why are you upset that mine doesn't?

Coming blindly into a thread like this and starting with name calling is not very respectful is it? But then when you get called out you want to play the I don't know where to start card. You should have started by keeping yourself from writing anything in this thread, since you have contributed absolutely nothing constructive to it, and once again YOUR GUN WORKS! So go shoot it and let the rest of us figure out what we're going to do to get our guns to run like yours.

Back tracking???? Dude you wish you could call me out on BS. I highly doubt everything you say about fixing your guns!! If you had that big of a problem glock would have just replaced your gun. Just like they have for others. So now I'm calling bs on you.

Edit: I forgot to add you calling me the all-knowing, glock loving end to all fanboys!! Yea guy that's me just going around disrespecting everyone, like I stated in my very first post I don't mean to offend I'm just giving my opinion on what people should do if they are having problems. Call glock and let them handle it, not you, him or bubba in the backyard.

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