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Originally Posted by J_P View Post
Are you talking about the small percent of cry babies on this forum??

I'm done talking with you mindless people, take a defensive pistol course then come back on here and tell me how lucky we are to have working guns...
Originally Posted by J_P View Post
I highly doubt everything you say about fixing your guns!! If you had that big of a problem glock would have just replaced your gun. Just like they have for others. So now I'm calling bs on you.

Edit: like I stated in my very first post I don't mean to offend I'm just giving my opinion on what people should do if they are having problems.
So you "don't meant to offend, but you stated what I quoted above.......

Now you think I'm making up issues I'm having with my pistol, that's the funniest thing I have heard all day.

Since you can't read, or I should better say, you only read what is "convenient" for you to do so, let me re-cap for you:

1) You come into this thread saying you have 3 Glocks and they all work so we are full of it (no round count given on any of these guns either, not that I would believe any round count you would give anyways)

2) You say "I don't want to offend anyone" but then you go on to say we're mindless crybabies and we should take a defensive course....... Really bro, taking a class has something to do with whether a gun malfunctions or not........

3) I already stated what "my" issues were, and that I have contacted Glock, and their fix "for now" was to send me (3) parts that are already in my gun. My issues started with over 2K rounds through the gun. So I will swap the parts and see if it makes a difference (I doubt it) and go from there.

Why should I ship my gun away to the manufacturer right off the bat? It's the gun I use the most and I have a lot of my own personal time into it with work done to it and parts installation, because I do my own work.

You still have offered nothing to anyone on the subject at hand.....?

But you feel the need to keep coming back to "argue", just go away man, it's free of charge. Those of us having issues are wrong because your guns work, what the heck were we thinking

We should all just give our guns back on the first hint of an issue without trying to diagnose an issue, where we "might" find a resolution, which in the mean time keeps out firearms in our possession.

Who made you the king of the say so on what the rest of us do with our guns? Like I said multiple times already, glad you're guns are working "properly", some of ours ARE NOT. So just go away and leave us be to figure it out. Your childish arguing solves nothing for anyone.

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