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Originally Posted by SCSU74 View Post
Ya the issue was with barrel lugs "chipping". I group them all together in the complainers group.

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So what should a person who bought this and had their barrel lug chip do? Just take it like a man and not report it?

Originally Posted by .38 super View Post
Frankly Glocks are not the most sharp guns and this device does mechanicaly enhance the return of the barrel in the same position after the shot.
Shooting off hand doesn't mean anything, in regard of your example with the two G17s, you will observe different story when you put both guns on Ransom Rest.
A stock Glock 26 or 17 in my hands makes one hole for 5 rounds from 20 feet. I'm not exactly a gifted shooter either.

I would agree about the value of a test from a Ransom though.
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