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We have that same regulation here in louisiana, and something needs to be done about it... There should be a little more effort put into deciding what is acceptable and what isn't... Let's just think that a pocket .25/32acp is legal with a 2.5" barrel, but a 20" .22 long rifle is illegal -- ridiculous...

Now back during hard times of my previous generations, many of my elders in their younger years would skirt the edges of their own large vegetable/fruit gardens with a light and pop deer with .22 caliber rifles... This was for meat obviously, but also to protect the decimation of the harvest and these shots were mostly less than 50 yards and straight to the head... These earlier generations grew up with rifles in the hands from grade school, were very good marksman... Ammunition wasn't plentiful and not wasted, and from what I've been told the shot-to-kill ratio was nearly 100% given the scenario and advantage to the hunter...

The only saving grace is that the vast majority of hunters here use a solid choice of caliber on their own accord, which leaves most of the wounding threat coming from lack of marmanship and judgement that can't be regulated I'm afraid...

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