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Originally Posted by NEOH212 View Post
Who else would like to have one? HK's MR 556 is a great gun but is lacking in a lot of ways. One big deal breaker for me was the absence of a chrome lined barrel!

Seriously HK, WTF?

Then there is no nitriding on the parts... Again, WTF?

Then there is the funky stock. I can deal with that since it's easily changed but come on HK, your HK, you can do better than that.

I'd much prefer if they would just produce something much more similar to the 416 in it's original configuration as is possible by law.

Do this HK, and I'll buy two!

If they'd put out upper kits (ie: complete upper, buffer and spring) for around $1,000 like was promised a while back, I'd happily buy one. Coughing up close to $5,000 for a grey market 10.5" upper is out of the question. That's about what it would cost me to replace my entire Mk. 18 clone, including optic, light, and stamp.
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