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Originally Posted by RichardB View Post
At the range everyone is wearing ears, right? So I gather if you shoot this load at home or in your car in a self defense situation you will need to be fitted with hearing aids shortly thereafter, (when ever the ringing stops).

My bedside SP-100 357 used to be loaded with 38+P (with ears quickly accessible). Now a G-19 seems good enough and I am more likely not to flinch in a clutch situation.
There's no doubt the 357mag is louder than 357auto with same weight bullets. 125 and lighter, much louder. The standard pressure 230 gr. 45ACP is one of the best for (less) noise. Some heavier .40 loads are subsonic also. If you're thinking about your hearing as I do, a longer barreled auto with subsonic loads will be better than almost any revolver. Sound comes from muzzle and gap (along with flash, unburnt and burned powder) with a revolver. Any load will have less flash (and sound in most cases) as barrel length increases. Sound may get louder if you manage enough tube to bring subsonic up to supersonic. I do like .40 180's or .45 230's for a nightstand gun with at least a 4" tube with 4.5" being better IMO.
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