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Originally Posted by dpadams6 View Post
Sorry NEOH212. I will have to disagree with you. We have carried the 357sig at work for about 15 years. Mostly with the gold dot and then hst. I can assure you that it is not just a "overglorified 9mm+p+. I have seen it shot into just about every object you can think of and many times thru every angle of a car. We've also had approx. 12 shootings with same. VERY IMPRESSIVE. And why I think it is the best self defenese handgun caliber on the planet.
I believe the 357 Sig HST bullet is the best round for this caliber and I wonder why it is one of the best kept secrets. It goes well over 1,400fps out of my 4.5" G32 and the damage done to the few varmints I have shot at relatively close range have been most impressive. More damage than a .220 Swift. I am not much for Jello testing, but if you compare tnoutdoors9 test video with the HST 357 Sig to the other handgun calibers test videos, I believe it expands faster, causes more damage with great penetration. I wish Federal would sell the bullet for handloading. The last I looked ATG had some for sale.
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