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Originally Posted by Clutch Cargo View Post
BS - You are out of your mind! Killing your own has NEVER been more accertable in the military. You sir, should be absolutely ashamed of yourself for posting that.
I can only speak from my own service in the Infantry for over 22 years, from Panama to OIF.

Fratricide, Friendly Fire, Blue on Blue all came from the Military. Its a part of war. You can not fight a real war and have control of everyone. Its seen as part of the risk.

I served over 22 year in Infantry from Panama to OIF. Each one had some good lessons. The Gulf War brought about major changes to ID friendly, OIF improved upon with digital tracking of equipment and soldiers, but you have to accept that when hundreds of men are on the ground and want to live you will have friendly fire.

I have had many classes on it, I have tested many devices for the Military, I have dealt with friendly fire.

On a small scale its about the same as being an off duty officer at a shooting and an on duty shows up on scene. The risk is there as both want to go home.

No one goes to war thinking soldiers will not die, no one goes to war thiking there will not be blue on blue unless they have no clue. In the Military its part of war.

From what I was trained about war, negligent discharges are bad, murder is bad, but fratricide is sad but expected. Two you should expect to be punished for, one you should be supported on as long as you did as trained. Why? Because "stuff" happens.

If in a gun fight with a bunch of bad guys, would you be able to call for an air stike on your own location, knowing you will be killed by friendly fire, but will take out the bad guys too?

Some things some people are trained to deal with, some things people are not trained for and they break down and cant deal with life. Most is based on peer and job support.
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