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I tried mine out for the first time today. I put 100 rds of 230g FMJ and 10 rds each of 230g HST and 185g Golden Saber. I did not have any malfunctions and the felt recoil is surprisingly light for this small of a gun. I tried to get it to malfunction by limp wristing, shooting single handed left and right handed and sideways as if I was laying on the ground. It never missed a beat. Accuracy is excellent. I chronographed the HST at 810 FPS and the Golden Saber at 930 FPS. Not bad from such a short barrel. As noted on several sites the 230g velocity was not as far off factory specs as the lighter 185g. Felt recoil was a little less with the 185g but not that much of a difference. I will use the 230g as a self defense load. I also have and do not like the 7 rd magazine except as a spare mag. The XD-S is now my primary carry gun. Edited: The gun shot to POA and the sites do not need adjustment. There is nothing I dislike about the gun. Yet.

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