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Originally Posted by cowboy1964 View Post
1400 fps from a 4.5" is not special. The Gold Dot and Golden Saber should do about that. The HST may be a hair faster but not enough to make any practical difference.

All of the .357 Sig tests are producing amazing cavities, and in the case of the Gold Dot and Golden Saber, producing ideal penetration (16"ish).
Do you know you can be a jerk? The only reason I said they went well over 1,400fps is that they are rated for 1,360fps out of a 4" barrel and I am getting about 1,425-30 out of my 4.5" which only says their advertised velocities are accurate and warmish for major manufacture 357 Sig. Most Winchester, remington and 5-petal Speer are under 1,350fps in my gun. I get over 1,500 fps from BB and close to that with DT, and almost handload to that velocity.

However, it is the design of the HST that I was commenting on. Yes they all cause amazing cavities, but the HST starts to expand faster than let's say the PXD1 and has a long cavity. I think 16" is over penetration. I really would not want anything over 14", however, i must admit that the 6-petal Speer has not over penetrated much in actual shootings.

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