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The bullet is not Seirra. Bullets Key Hole when they are not stabilized either due to too slow rifling, or the bullet weight being strangely distributed in the bullet. The Seirra load from DT is a good round and if you have anymore of the bad rounds, please send it back to Mike and find out what is going on. That load most closely duplicates the 125gr SJHP round of the 357 mag made by Federal or Remington. In the 357 Mag (and Seirra sig), the bullet rapidly expand, fragments and loses 30-35% of its weight. 70% of the bullet penetrate over 11". Back when men were men, that was the external ballistics of probably the most effective 125gr 357magnum round. Just because we now have bonded bullets, do not fool yourself into thinking that anything before would not quickly stop a threat. Although I carry the 125gr 357 Sig HST now, I would feel very safe with the DT Seirra load, assuming DT gets its bullet issue straight.
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