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Originally Posted by F106 Fan View Post
Why would you want to put ghost ring sights on a shotgun that will be used at 'point and click' range?

The fastest shotgun I have in terms of target aquisition is an old 870 Police with a bead front sight.

My new 870 Tactical and my Benelli M4 both have ghost ring sights and they are a PITA. Sure, they're great for slugs at longer distances but it's tough to claim self defense at 50 yards. Besides, at those distances, I want to use a rifle.

Even at 50 yards, a bead sight will still get a slug on target.

Just because ghost ring sights are 'tacticool' doesn't make them practical.

Think carefully about your actual application before you get too far down the road with ghost ring sights.


Have you given ghost rings a decent try out?

I have been using them for several years and given my "geist" is to use a shotgun like a carbine they are not "slow" at all. they also increase the precision of slug placement. making the difference between "Somewhere on the torso" at 50 yds to a head shot at 50 yds. The ability to hit small exposed portions of targets should not be immaterial when you reach "outdoor" distances.

Before the factories made them an option I used to DIY ghostrings on my shotguns and I was unable to keep one very long because people who tried mine ended up offering me a decent profit for them. Now I can point them to the factory and tell them to leave me and mine alone

I do keep several social shotguns with beads, but the one next to the bed has ghostrings.
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