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Originally Posted by PghJim View Post
I believe the 357 Sig HST bullet is the best round for this caliber and I wonder why it is one of the best kept secrets. It goes well over 1,400fps out of my 4.5" G32 and the damage done to the few varmints I have shot at relatively close range have been most impressive. More damage than a .220 Swift. I am not much for Jello testing, but if you compare tnoutdoors9 test video with the HST 357 Sig to the other handgun calibers test videos, I believe it expands faster, causes more damage with great penetration. I wish Federal would sell the bullet for handloading. The last I looked ATG had some for sale.
Pghjim, Ill have to agree 100% with you. We carried the gold dots for about 13 years and then switched to glocks. We then did a test comparing gold dot, ranger t, and hst. Shot them all thru many types of barriers. They all pretty much penetrated the same, except gold dot penetrated thru windshield glass SLIGHTLY better. Comparing expansion, the hst expanded the best thru all barriers and functioned flawless. Had a couple hang ups with gold dot and ranger t 's. We felt the hst was the best of the bunch and have been carrying the hst 's now for a couple years. It has worked very well in the street against both two and four legged creatures.

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