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Originally Posted by farmer2 View Post
I would send it in. I know its hard to send in a brand new rifle. However, having it out of spec will always bug you. Might be different if you had bought a low budget rifle, but you didn't. Get it fixed, and in a couple months, it will be like it never happened.

Originally Posted by Cole125 View Post
When your putting that much time, money and effort into a AR you want EVERYTHING to be right. I'd send the upper back.

Personally I think the MUR is a waste of money, just go with a YHM stripped upper from Brownells.
The upper is disassembled now, ready to go back. For the money I'm spending, you're right, it's annoying.

FWIW, I'm not convinced the MUR is worth it or that it's solving any problems. I actually am annoyed with the fact that the "M" in MUR stands for "Modular" when it is absolutely not modular. I went with it for two reasons, neither of which have to do with function. First, I think it looks cool. Second, I figured that if I was building an expensive & time consuming SBR with "high end" parts that I might as well see what all the fuss is about. Everyone talks about "high end" or "top tier" guns and parts being where it's at. I figured I might as well see for myself.

Originally Posted by Gunnut 45/454 View Post
The best thing you could have done was shoot it! Did you even try? Both my DPMS and complete PSA carbine were very tight when I first got them -now after many rounds they are just like every other AR I've used take down pin goes in and out just fine!
Can't shoot it. Don't have the lower assembled since it's going out for engraving. Don't have the trigger anyway. Bought a LPK sans FCG since I'm going with the SSA-E trigger. Can't legally put it on any of my other lowers either.

Very tight would be nice. Impossible to get in by hand is what I'm dealing with. No breaking in there. Have to use a punch and hammer to force it in and out.

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