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There is no set amount, if there was, the die wouldn't be adjustable. You have to learn how to adjust the die. You have to understand what the crimp should be to do this, the theory of crimp 101. It's simple. You don't want much, if any crimp on an auto pistol round like 40SW.

Take a loaded round that hasn't been crimped at all yet and see if it will easily fit into your guns chamber. Field strip the gun and remove the barrel to check this. It won't fit. It will go in about 3/4 of the way and stop. You can push it in further with your thumb, but then it will be hard to get back out.

Take the above mentioned round and put it in your shell holder and raise the ram. Adjust your crimp die down until it touches the loaded round. Then lower the ram a bit and turn the crimp die in a bit more, maybe 1/2 turn. Raise the round back up and crimp it. See if it fits the chamber easily. If it doesn't, repeat the process of adjusting the die down a little, maybe only 1/8 of a turn at a time and crimping until the round fits easily in your chamber. Lock the locking ring on the crimper die because it is now adjusted.
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