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Originally Posted by ABNAK View Post
Well for starters, shipping ammo is kind of a PIA; you have to get an ORM-D sticker and pay hazmat. Then of course if he isn't using Sierras now (which we've kind of ascertained here) then why go through the hassle of sending it back? All he would do (at most) is send me more of the same.

And I agree with you about the duplication of .357 magnum ballistics with bullets that aren't bonded. That is why I'm so pissed but mainly disappointed about these DT rounds. I chrono'd them at 1452fps average from a 4" barrel and was going to use them as my carry load. Now I guess it's Cor Bon for the time being until I can get some of Underwood's "improved" 357Sig, albeit a Gold Dot and not a cup-and-core bullet.

Why oh why do the major manufacturers water down the 357Sig? To me, 1330-1350fps isn't much of an improvement over a 9mm +P+ to sacrifice less capacity and more 1450fps? That is what I'm talking about!
There are no hazmat fees for shipping loaded ammo. It needs to be marked ORM-D, but you can do it with a sharpie. Also, you can print out an ORM-D lablel and glue it on if it needs to be more "official" looking. You CAN NOT ship ammo through the US Mail however.

As to why are the loads watered down, my guess is two reasons. One, there is no advantage to driving the bullet 100fps faster. The second is that if you drive them at 1450fps and expect them to be used by anybody, at anytime, in any gun, under any conditions, you will get problems. Problems lead to a loss of good will and the manufacturer's reputation suffers.

Apparently a 125 at 1450fps, in 357Sig, is more trouble than it is worth if you are an ammo manufacturer.

If you are going to be shooting boutique ammo for the purpose of driving a 9mm 125 grain bullet at high velocity, an arbitrary goal to be sure, you would do much better with the bigger bottleneck rounds anyway. the 9x25 Dillon is available from DT and supposedly does 1700fps with a 125.
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