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I carry only when I'm going somewhere that I consider outside of my day-to-day zone of safety. Last night I went out late to pick up dinner, so my G19 rode on the seat next to me. When I saw the sheriff's car parked outside the restaurant, I left the gun in the car. For a night-time trip to WalMart, I'll have the Sig 239 in my pocket.

Day time movement around town doesn't warrant carry unless I'm headed to or through questionable territory. For Interstate highway travel I always have a gun along; stopping at a rest stop means the gun is on my person.

Studying self defense has made me much more aware of my surroundings, always. I'm not worried, but I am tuned in. I live in a very low crime area, but classes I've taken, reading and thinking I've done about SD have caused me to be more alert.

I've always enjoyed guns of all kinds, but especially handguns. When I decided to get a CC license it was because I could, not because I felt compelled to do so. Steps I took to learn about about carry methods, self defense tactics and the applicable laws were done out of my sense of responsibility and accountability. I continue to study and debate, here and elsewhere, because its part of an ongoing learning process.

I'm a believer in self defense with a firearm, but the terms and conditions I follow are based on my sense of what is reasonable based on my life circumstances. I strongly believe that safety with a firearm trumps methods that many believe to be necessary for 'readiness'. I'm conservative in every sense of the word: politically, life style, firearm carry practices.

I don't know how to score myself under your system Dave, but I ain't a "True Believer" in the 90-100% category. Maybe I come in at about 50%, but I'm very responsible when I do carry and I feel very safe when I don't.

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