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Originally Posted by Providence View Post
Nice looking gun. I'd like to hear how it shoots.

Please vote! It's that important!

I like shooting it - mostly clay targets - loads of fun.

So far 100% reliable on every type of ammo - even the Winchester bird shot target load crap from Walmart -

It feels very light - if I shoot my 870 for a while and then pick up the Escort it feels like a toy.

It came with 3 chokes (IC, Modified, Full)

Wife can't pick up the 870 - but she handles this just fine

The price was fantastic


The funky looking recoil pad is worthless. The company claims it helps reduce recoil - it does nothing. Because of the unique design you can't just go buy a limbsaver or after market recoil pad.

So I did some modifications --

Cut off and sanded down the existing pad.

Tactical Shotguns

Installed a limbsaver slip on pad

Tactical Shotguns

The fact that it is not a "normal" gun (Remington or Mossberg) I assume parts and accessories will be had to find. If you want to modify it and add tactical doodads this is not the gun you want.

Things like a magazine tube extension are impossible to find.

My wife had never shot a shotgun before - she tried to shoulder my 870 and just said - NO WAY - she expressed a willingness to try and shoot clay targets (I have a thrower) but we needed a gun - Like I said before I wanted a Mossberg youth model - just could not find one -

I would normally be willing to wait for the gun I really want - but was afraid my wife would change her mind - so I took a chance and grabbed the Escort -

I have no regrets - it is a sweet little gun -

But if I had a Mossberg and an Escort both available I would have paid the extra - ~~ $150? - for the Mossberg.

EDIT - Buds has the Mossberg is stock - $410.

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