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Let me play the BG for one minute. I go buy a gun legally shoot someone with it then bring it home. YAH! RIGHT!

Lets try this... I'm a BG. I steal or buy a stolen gun, I shoot someone and leave microstaped casings behind. The police/FBI/Home Land Security one of the alphabet soup traces the stamp back to the "lawful" / original owner. Now I'm the Good Guy. Yes sir I bought that gun five years ago. When I went to the mall they wouldn't let me bring it in even though I'm a CCW holder so I left it in my locked car. Someone stole it. And what does the LEO do now. The same thing he/she would have done if there were no microstamping only they wasted a week calling suppliers running down dealers and going through records to find out who bought the gun "legally. Makes sense to me.

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