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Originally Posted by aircarver View Post
When Romney wins, business will be released from the boot on the neck of communism, and unemployment will come down.

... But not before the real figures are revealed, and they will be much higher than Obamas' minions' cooked figures.

If the BLS is an organization involved in a conspiracy, what does it matter what the "real" numbers are?

There seem to be quite an awful lot of contradictions here. First it was a conspiracy to help Obama (even though it makes him look bad because the rate has been above 8% for nearly his entire term), then Ruble Noon said the conspiracy will turn in the opposite direction under Romney and unemployment numbers will be shifted up, but then Aircarver says that the conspiracy will disappear under Romney and real numbers will be reported.

Which is it? Or, like all conspiracy theories, does it just morph to fit the agenda of the conspiracy theorist at any given time?

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