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Originally Posted by kpuscg04 View Post
You've got me thinking man. Being an inverstigator I really don't need to carry the rifle mag for my edc, but I do use my rifle for warrants and other high risk ops.

I've been running with only one spare mag in a fastmag pouch on my vest. I certainly have room for more. I really like the coupled mags centerline. That is real easy to deploy with the rifle.
I misspoke!

MY AR mag pouch is made by Deployment Solutions.

Bryon is his name. He is a member here (DeploymentSolu)

I confused my AR mag pouch with my old radio pouch which was made by COMHolsters.

The single mag holder has a Tek-Lok backing on it so you can throw it on/off for warrant services.

The more I run the coupled mags center line, the more I like it! The Magpul Mag-Link requires new PMags though. I had to buy two new Gen 3 mags for it to work. Wouldn't work on my 2007 vintage PMags.

Originally Posted by SCSU74 View Post
Probably should have read the post a few above where you talked about timing yourself with the other guy... My bad, just trying to help

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It's all good bro. The more opinions, and info, the better we are.
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