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Originally Posted by judgecrater View Post
An ideal range of OAL for a Glock or any other pistol is fully dependent on the bullet shape. One length that is idea for a roundnose may not feed properly for a truncated cone or some other shape. As for the balance of your post, you are absolutely correct. Far too many reloaders closely follow the bullet weight/powder charge in the manual, then ignore the OAL, which is equally important in maintaining safe pressures.
How is a new reloader supposed to know when not to follow the manuals. I am a new reloader. It seems dangerous for me, or any new reloader to simply start ignoring the published information in the manuals. Try not to confuse those of us who are new to this. Maybe after I have 10 years of reloading experience, I will be in a position to ignore the published tables.

But I am not there yet. If, I may speak for new reloaders.
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