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Originally Posted by domin8ss View Post
Here's where the conspiracy really starts. About a day or two before the debate, it was revealed that the economy added a net total of 169,000 jobs in September. All economists on all news stations said that number was very unlikely to lower the unemployment rate down from 8.1%. Strangely, the day after the debate we are told the unemployment rate dropped to 7.8%. Do the math. It doesn't add up, until you factor in one thing. The unemployment rate is calculated by the number of people actively seeking employment as reportable through verifiable sources such as state unemployment offices. Those numbers don't include the people whose unemployment benefits have now expired, nor people like me who have not gone to an unemployment office because they don't need assistance, but are unemployed and actively seeking work.
The answer is an "Occam's Razor" conclusion. It is too simple and is being overlooked with complicated explanations.

Is there any person who believes that "8.1%" had anything to do with the actual unemployment rate?

That number is arrived at by juggling stats, classification decisions, etc. It is a manipulated number to begin with.

So how hard could it be to make a ".3" manipulation at the moment the boss needs it?

A .3 drop would have had no potential effect on the election months or years ago, but just at the moment it could it happens.

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