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Originally Posted by Cochese View Post
Depends. The only shootings I've been involved in were pistols.

This was three years ago now and resulted in us getting PIT approved. Two cops were hit but recovered completely. Two baddies (Bonnie & Clyde were DRT)

Cop Talk

Cop Talk

I'm now carrying 110 rounds on a major call. I don't think that is overkill. 30x2 a 30 in the gun and a 20 on my belt.

I work in the Denver metro area and deploy my rifle usually a minimum of once per work week. I've had days where I went from call, to call, to call, with a rifle slung, never turning my overheads off... then days where I handle barking dogs and shoplifts at the mall. It depends.

Read through the thread.

I just picked up this guy:

Cop Talk

I'm not on our SWAT team (I'm on our mobile field force instead) so I don't have the luxury of a "raid vest" and patrol isn't "allowed" to use them for some unexplained reason.

I hear a lot of folks talk about taking mags off dead and wounded. I don't see this happening in a realistic LE shooting.

I also have folks carrying multiple weapon systems and calibers. The only thing interchangeable are our rifle mags since we all have to carry AR-15s in .223/5.56...

I'm not sure how to take this rather disingenuous comment.

I don't look for trouble. I wasn't around for revolver to semi-auto transitions and I'm not a Cavalry Scout badass.

What I can tell you is I'm in an area made famous for spree killers and mass shootings. I have the biggest mall/shopping center in the region in my AOR. We are a hop/skip/jump from Columbine High School. I spent five+ hours with a front row seat at the Aurora theater shooting, and we have two school districts with three high schools.

I'm no crack shot badass, but I try and keep my skills up. I'm competing in our agency Top Gun shoot this year since I went through every single qual course without missing a round, shoot competitively on my days off when I have time/$$, and train like I fight.

If you have experience as a patrol officer, then you should know exactly how bad the streets are right now.

A good friend of mine stopped this not too long ago. Three gangbanging pieces of ****.

You tell me dude.

Cop Talk

In a some what joking fashion, our streets in America are starting to look like some places overseas, and as Police we are moving to the Military equiped side based on current threats/actions.

My PD has had its share of close calls dealing with crazy soldiers and the Fort Hood shooting. Lubys was a local thing as was the Fort Hood shooting. We budgeted for helmets and plate carriers, but had a few night time incidents to where flashlights mounted to rifles and night vision devices were more important.

After a shooting a Texas Ranger took in weapons and ammo from us. I joked and asked if he wanted my extra mags I kept in my car, go bag, and vest. He mentioned he did not need them, but in set cases would need them and to account for every round shot. He was more in support of less ammo better shots, and yes he had a point with that shooting that involved 3 officers and one dead guy.

I think what you pack is what you pack and everyone has different needs for their area/situations, but that America is not safe or friendly as it used to be.

As far as the magazine set up you got, I would say look to the Ready Mag over it. 20+ years ago we would put a round between two 30 round magazines, near the bottom. We would tape the magazines in a "V" and have a quick change magazine. Later we got metal forms, then straps, then neat clamps. The weight of two loaded magazines will cause issues for the magazine and even the magazine catch, that will lead to feed problems, etc... (if one mag shifts your ejection port might get blocked as well). The Ready Mag does cost a bit more, but will save you magazines from wear, being dropped, etc... I spent 22+ years running with different set ups and two mags joined was neat for the first few weeks.

However if you like that set up, let me know as I should have a few straps/clamps type setups from the Mag Cinch to the Thor CQB kits around my house.
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