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Originally Posted by Arc Angel View Post
No, not at all. I'm simply hoping to discourage you and your ilk from posting anymore of this outright nonsense. Glock Talk is, essentially, a gun forum. Why a special sub-forum for God-haters and antisocial dissemblers is included here, I do not understand?

We'd all be able to learn so much more about guns, how to safely and effectively use them, and the world would be so much safer a place if you quasi-intellectuals and (not so funny) antisocial miscreants just went somewhere else to vent your inner hostility and rage against both the historical Judeo-Christian God and His creation - the universe in which we live for such short periods of time.

Don't you get it! You're not contributing anything useful; and I, for one, am tired of reading your lame witticisms and whining. Really, I'd much rather discuss guns and self-defense; and leave the angry little God-haters to go someplace else to spew their particular type of vitriol. Another thing, too: Of late the usual religious silliness and nonsense, around here, is getting worse - Not against Muslims and Al-Islam, but against Christians and Jews.

How is it that in America, today, Christians and Jews always seem to come across as the best targets? I know you think you're chic and in sync with the times; but to me - and my extensive seminary education - you come off as just another modern angry God-hating fool. Is this really what you want to do with the less than 50 years' worth of existence you've got left?

(Even as you read this the clock is ticking; and you're already on your way out. The only question is, 'To where'?)

Feel free to avoid this subforum if it offends you when people point out you can't back up your beliefs with anything more substantial than "well, I believe it"...

It probably does suck when this made up stuff has as much evidence going for it as your belief system.

My condolences...

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