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Originally Posted by clarkstoncz View Post
As for the much hyped HST. That testing shows the HST to actually fragment,
and have a more narrow stretch cavity than the more impressive PDX .357
SIG load, or at least it looks like that to me.

I still think the TAC XP is the best bullet on the market.

100% expansion and weight retention.

No need to shop for bonded or non-bonded.

More than adequate penetration with
no worry of the jacket/core will separate.
That is it. The 357 Sig HST is not hyped. However, while we are talking about the PDX1 or Winchester Bonded Ranger, it does have a larger diameter at the end, however, it takes almost 2" before expansion starts. Penetration is less than the HST, and in my opinion the damage cavity is less in overall size. The fragmentation you get off of the HST is not worth mentioning. If it were an issue, why does it penetrate more that the PDX1.

I have tried to love the TAC XP bullets, but it is diffcult. The real nice thing about it is that it expands through anything, even leather. The only other bullet that comes close is the HST.
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