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Originally Posted by Colorado4Wheel View Post
It's not that complicated. Look at the chart below. The right side of the chart is safer, the left side is more dangerous (hint, hint). Big side of the > is safer NOT better.

Lighter Powder Charge > Heavier Powder Charge
Longer OAL > Shorter OAL
Lighter Bullet > Heavier Bullet
FMJ/JHP > Plated > Lead

How does this information help?

So if your moving the variable to the right side of the chart you are moving to safer direction. Not a riskier direction. So a manual will have a OAL of 1.110". If you load to 1.120 you can safely ignore the manuals suggestion for OAL (assuming it fits your barrel and has enough bullet engagement). I always load longer then the manuals OAL. I also always figure out how long I can load that specific bullet in my barrel. And then load it just a little shorter (about .010").

The mistake many reloaders make is they take every variable above and go to the safer side (THE RIGHT ). Then they wonder why their reloads don't work right. You want a reasonable amount of pressure to make everything (including your gun) work right.
I must be having another senior moment. Moving the powder charge from light to heavy, which is to the right, is not making it safer. In my view...

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