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Originally Posted by Geko45 View Post
And now you post a link to a book that interprets bible prophecy as it applies to the roles of the U.S. and Britain? Again, do you have anything to say on the actual topic of this thread or not? Are you feeling alright?

I believe FCoulter was an affiliate of Herbert Armstrong. I remember reading this idea in an unsolicited magazine called Plain Truth several decades ago.

5) One of Armstrongism's most bizarre, off-the-wall teachings concerned his view of biblical prophecy. He taught that the 10 "lost" tribes of Israel were the northwest European and Anglo-Saxon nations of the 20th century (modern-day descendants of these tribes included England, the U.S., France, Netherlands, Norway, etc.) This teaching, which he appropriated and refined, is known as British-Israelism. It was a teaching that originated in England several centuries ago when some were seeking a biblical/theological justification for British colonialism -- annexing much of the world under their "empire." They determined that the British Empire was a modern day fulfillment of God's promises to Abraham and therefore their political/military empire was justified -- it was just what God wanted them to do! Herbert Armstrong tied his version of "British-Israelism" to dispensationalism, the futurist methodology of seeing biblical prophecy as meant for the "end times." This gave Armstrong a unique prophetic voice, which he called a warning message, somewhat like, as he often likened it to, the watchman on the walls of the book of Ezekiel.
Here's a more indepth discussion. British Israelism

In short, the Anglo-Saxons are the true Children of God. Since many of us descended from the British, so are we. We just don't know it.
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