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Originally Posted by Resqu2 View Post
It's kinda neat that most of the world learned of his death by using all the great gadgets that he had a hand in bringing to the world. Just hope that Apple can continue being the leader they are today.
I thought it was a rumour, started right here on GT, which i was surfing on my 17" MacbookPro.

Someone said, no, go to

I was stunned. Black screen with black and white photo, just said, Steve Jobs, 1955-2011

At No rumor, it was real. I felt really bad for them, the people at apple. No bright shiny pics of their wares, doing business as usual. Everything just stopped for him.

NExt day, people were putting candles in front of apple stores.

Heard about, read about it, validated it right here on one of his machines. Not TV or radio.
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