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reflex optic vs leupold scope

Hi all,
so this past week at work a buddy of mine calls me over to his computer asking if I knew anything about "these". There was a picture of a reflex optic on his screen and I asked what he would be using it for, he replied it would be for his deer rifle.
In a drawn out conversation I learn he is deciding between a reflex optic and a leupold scope. I don't have any model numbers to share unfortunately but both were about $300. My knee jerk reaction was to tell him to go for the leupold but I told him I would ask around a bit.

So my question to you all is what would you tell him?

I think the leupold is superior to the reflex optic in this case because the rifle is being used for hunting so there isn't much need or instinctual/snap shooting. If this was going on a shotgun I'd say the reflex would be better because when shooting rabbit, duck, pheasant, grouse etc. you are doing more snap shooting. I'm interested in your opinions and thoughts.
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